What’s the difference between Private Label and White Label Cosmetics?

What are Private Label Cosmetics?

In the Cosmetic Industry as in many others the act of developing a bespoke product that is unique to your Brand and not a copy of anyone else’s is known as “Private Label”.

Private label reflects the ethos, values and aspirations of the Brand…it should support the aims of the brand in every way and aim to give it a marketing edge.

This can cover the product itself, the ingredients used, the source of everything, all the packaging and the wording or copy.

How we approach Private Label

There may be reasons why you want it to look similar to a Brand Leader but we are very keen to point out we will not copy or plagiarise.

We would rather develop a product that would work in the same way and may fulfil a similar need but would have its own USP’s or points of difference.

Marketing and Sales are hard enough as it is but we try to give you a leading advantage.

It is in our interest to make you the best possible product that we can so that we all see the long term benefit when it sells well.

What are White Label cosmetics?

There is another option available and this is buying a ‘white label’ product.

These are generally sold by companies who keep a number of standard product for your Brand to label as if it were your own…..so as it were ‘off the shelf ‘ rather than bespoke.

Please be aware that you will still need all the elements of full Compliance to be in place for you the Brand even if the product is available elsewhere

How we can support White Label

We at Allingham Beck do not offer any of these White label options; we do not want to enter into this arena as our strengths are in innovation and we prefer to play to these.

It is however potentially quicker and cheaper due to the lack of development time but provides your brand with only the same as others out there already.

However, our Compliance Division will be more than happy to undertake your Cosmetic Compliance from either the Private Label or the White Label direction

Are you interested in developing your own product or do you need help with cosmetic compliance? Contact us today, to see how we can help you.

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