Welcome to Allingham Beck Associates

Our team at Allingham Beck Associates are here to develop your product ideas through from the kernel of a concept to a finished “on the shelf” product that you can feel passionate about.

We start by listening carefully to what you consider is important, what your Brand will stand for and where and how you see your product selling.

This helps us design products that fulfill exactly the purpose you have in mind.

Through our experienced network of Associates, and after our teams’ long career in the Industry, we will help you avoid costly pitfalls. We will advise on and find packaging solutions and solve production issues. You could say we will escort you through the development minefield safely.

So apart from a bespoke cosmetic formulation, for which we are renowned, we will help with all the ancillary areas of cosmetic product development

Our brands know that we not only work to protect their IP’s but will also ensure that they retain their point of difference, to help protect them from plagiarism.

The success of our brands is proof of our success in doing what we do.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer true innovation and not just more ‘me toos’

Our portfolio of clients includes a goodly number of Royal Warrant holders and up-market brands but we enjoy the challenge of start-up companies.

In our ten years of business we have never had to chase any customers everyone has come to us via referral.

In addition we offer Cosmetic Compliance Services to handle EU legislation and advise on all major market regulatory requirements so that we can truly take you from concept to global distribution.

Contact us today for further information on our array of services