Environmental & Sustainability Policy

As a company, since our inception we have always taken the green issues very seriously, as a global company now, we are committed to reducing our environmental impact and keeping this central to our mission statement going forward. We consider this a duty of care for the current generation and those to follow. Outlined below are some of the steps we already take:

  • We have always used camera meetings as opposed to travelling long distances, allowing and in fact encouraging all staff to work from home was the norm long before the changes in practice forced by global pandemic.
  • We ensure they have all the technology to make it possible.
  • This way we minimise the impact on the environment and the members of staff involved caused by excessive travel.
  • We seek to use as many materials as we can with natural origins and that are as close to source as possible, educating our clients on why materials are used and their function or purpose.
  • Helping them to educate their buying public in the changes in performance that this might offer is again a positive contribution.
  • Whilst retaining an innovative edge we seek to enable our clients to make their brand choices as clearly as possible.
  • We are members of the CTPA and keep abreast of Industry changes complying with all applicable legislation, regulation and code of practice and ensuring our clients are kept notified.
  • We try to integrate Environmental and Sustainability considerations into the whole teams daily business decisions.
  • Using packaging that they feel is in line with the customers ethos, raw materials that fit their needs and reducing the need for multi layers of secondary packaging that are not truly necessary.
  • To ensure we are moving towards removing single use plastics with our clients we are using innovation to provide waterless alternatives for the future.
  • In the meantime we try to look at each raw material as we use it, analysing its source and making judgement calls inline with each clients ethos.
  • We respond to client requests to consider what we are using from a green ethics view point.
  • We try to bulk pack avoiding the use of excessive cardboard, we don’t use non recyclable materials when packing.
  • We use no pure Palm oil but many of the materials we need to use are palm derivatives which we try to ensure are from managed plantations (RSPO) having chosen that rather than the trend for alternatives which causes more deforestation.
  • We seek to use natural alternatives to existing materials if they are sustainable, where and when they are available.
  • We walk the narrow tightrope helping our clients make intelligent choices relating to materials, costs, percentages, performance, efficacy and pay off against saleability and efficiency and the environmental effects.
  • Our aim is to continue to reduce our global impact on the environment as a sustainable player suited to this new more educated and informed era.

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