International Compliance

Allingham Beck Associates undertake International Compliance for Brands within the UK/ EU but we also look after some brands from outside the EU wishing to sell in the EU marketplace

Some are Brands which are manufactured in China or the USA for example which are brought into the EU/UK by residents to sell

The degree of Compliance already undertaken on these is hugely relevant and since this also involves the Brand/Manufacturer releasing the full formulation (OR AT LEAST A BANDED FORMULATION WITHIN 10%) amongst other things this can be quite a challenge

We ask that the importer undertake the liaison with their principle and provide us with the necessary documentation for us to complete the paperwork required

We can support them through this operation providing them with a checklist that they can tick off as received

We monitor the FDA and other bodies for changes to legislation or warnings as to materials that may be no longer allowed or are being questioned as to future inclusion

We monitor changes in acceptable levels of fragrance materials recommended by IFRA (INTERNATIONAL FRAGRANCE ASSOCIATION) whose recommendations are generally accepted as a compliance must.

We also are aware of, and have a working knowledge of a number of countries requirements outside of the EU and can assist with many, although not all of these countries.

Clients are advised to check with us where they wish to sell to or buy from before assuming they are covered or that we will know what’s required

EU Compliance is probably the most widely accepted set of standards in the world with many countries outside the EU adopting it as their own and expecting imported brands to reach this standard. However having EU Compliance does not mean your products are suited to sell everywhere for example labelling requirements vary from country to country.

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