CPNP Upload & Management

The Cosmetic Product Notification Portal is the virtual place within the EU where technical data about all the products either sold or given away is stored

Each Brand must be registered and provide contact information for the person responsible for the brand. (Responsible Person or RP). Data relating to the formulation of the product is stored in the one place. This can be the full formulation with percentages, a stock formulation or preferably it can be a banded formulation showing all ingredients within a range of 10%. E.g. ‘from’ and ‘to’ so between 1% and 10% for example).

A CPSR (Cosmtic Product Safety Report which includes test results such as full Microbiological Tests, Compatibility with Packaging, Stability over time and the full toxicological review must be available on demand. Data such as the copy used, the specification on the packaging must also be held

It is essential that everything is included as this site needs to be accessed by the poisons agencies of the EU so that they can evaluate what may or may not be a problem if someone has misused the product and/or had an allergic reaction Allingham Beck Associates Ltd. provide a service collating and uploading all this data, setting your company up on the portal and monitoring changes

We can offer the total management solution for this legal requirement.

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