Cosmetic Compliance After Brexit: Responsible Person Status

Current Status

Currently all brands selling in the EU must have a Responsible Person (RP) living in the EU. This applies to brands being imported from outside as well as UK Manufactured Brands.

Here at Allingham Beck, we develop and manufacture for so many of you we thought it sensible to issue a statement just to show where we stand regarding Responsible Person status in light of fast approaching Brexit.

At the timing of writing this post we still have no insight into what is going to happen, since the Brexit negotiations are still ongoing.

This is obviously the area of most concern for all the Brands either using us currently for their EU Compliance, or those proposing to, since they will not be able to legally ship product after/if we leave the EU without an agreement in place.

What’s next?

If an extension to the timing is involved there will be more time to resolve it for all concerned.

If we leave without an agreement in place then we, as a Company, have had talks with an Irish company we know well as a possible fall back situation but obviously this will need implementation once we have a clearer picture.

It will also need checking for legality since this may not satisfy the EU, however we felt it incumbent on us to start looking at the very least.

If we leave at the end of March let’s all hope that an interim agreement to continue passage of goods and RP’s but at this very point that doesn’t seem to be in existence.

For futher advice on Responsible Person Status, Compliance or Cosmetic Product Development in General please don’t hestitate to get in touch via our Contact Us Page.

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