Cosmetic Product Formulation

Many people think cosmetic product formulation is as simple as playing in the kitchen and coming up with a recipe for a new dish.
Now there are many similarities but in these days of much tighter, more stringent legislation; the days of kitchen development are largely gone.

As in cooking though where a sound understanding of process helps, in Cosmetic Product Development a thorough understanding of the Chemistry is imperative………this is where Allingham Beck Associates come in to play.

Without overcomplicating the formulas we ensure that the products we develop are stable, in other words they don’t fall apart.

We ensure that they are safe over the lifespan of the product by getting the preservation where it needs to be.

A large number of our clients have ‘wish lists’ of materials they wish us to use but many more have a list of materials they feel they don’t want us to use.
Many of these preconceptions need to be more fully understood to ensure we develop the right product suited to each brand.
But after all that is taken into account the functionality of the product is still imperative.

Does it do what it says on the packet?

This is our main aim and credo.

We keep going in every instance not giving up until we get what you are looking for.

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