Our Services

allingham beck cosmetic development services


We conceive and formulate all types of personal care and cosmetic products, trying to use materials as close to source as possible, using natural emulsifiers and plant derived surfactants where possible whilst maintaining the highest scientific development standards and GMP. We undertake full stability, compatibility and microbiological testing and compile detailed Safety Assessments.

We can offer “turn key” packages to suit our customer needs, taking the concept all the way through to finished product.


We can consult on and help source all packaging and components. Either working with your designers or providing a full service through our own design associates. We can advise on copy, bar coding, gift cartoning and shelf ready packaging.


We can manufacture both small and large quantities here in the UK and also in the US. We can look at run sizes when we know what sort of products you are looking at and any M.O.Q’s that may be relevant.


We can work within your Marketing and PR plan, advise your PR on potential issues and terminology.

We can discuss retail opportunities, and the requirements these bring with them.

We have experience of working with direct marketing such as party plan, and find we are working closely with many more of our brands increasingly using the social media platforms with their differing requirement.

Distribution Services

We can suggest potential logistics partners who can both store and pick, pack and despatch your product to both Retail stores and the individual or multiple fulfilment required by internet sales.