Electronic NDA Agreement


    Agreement Between:
    112 High Street Sturminster Marshall Dorset BH21 4AZ
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • in disclosing, to the receiver, ALLINGHAM BECK ASSOCIATES Ltd., the information contained in any of the mix sheet(s) / recipe(s), formulation(s), brief (s), packaging, product information pack(s), fragrance(s), or any other general product information supplied, represents that it retains sole right to the above mentioned information and agrees to its disclosure on the strict understanding that the receiver of this information shall:
  • Hold in confidence all such information as is agreed to be disclosed by this agreement, and furthermore ensure that all its employees and agents abide by this agreement and will not disclose the same to any third party without the express written permission of
  • Utilize the disclosed information solely for the purpose of submitting a quotation to formulate and/or contract manufacture and/or satisfy regulatory requirements for
  • This agreement covers all/any information disclosed except:

    1. That which is, or becomes public knowledge.
    2. That which can be shown to be already in the receiver’s possession.
    3. That which is received from a third party who to the receiver’s knowledge has the right to disclose the same.
  • This document does not constitute an agreement to do business.

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