Cosmetic Compliance Frequently Asked Questions

I make homemade bath products at home in my kitchen and sell on markets …do I need Cosmetic Compliance?

Cosmetic Compliance is required by every cosmetic product sold anywhere by any means in the UK and EU.

I’m buying from China and selling on line why do I need Compliance?

Cosmetic Compliance means that you will need to be sure of the safety of the products you are selling. All the correct documentation needs to be in place and if you are selling in the EU/UK you need a Responsible Person on the packaging.

I’m buying from a Country outside the EU and just putting my own label on it …will I need to do anything?

Yes you still need to be sure all the correct documentation for the tests required is lodged on the CPNP. Your name as RP will need to be on the label you use and as such you are quite literally the person who will be contacted if there is a problem with the product. If you don’t know that all the safety tests are in place how can you answer questions.

Why can’t someone else be my Responsible Person?

They can but their name goes on the packaging and it’s a legally responsible position so they will need to see that everything is correct before agreeing to it.

If they have done the tests where I’m buying the product can I just sell it as it is?

Providing there is a legitimate RP and its is already on the CPNP with a valid up to date CPSR then yes you are basically ‘retailing’.

I made up the recipe myself and use it on my skin so I know it’s safe?

EU Compliance stipulate that the full formulation and safety data on all its raw materials should be on the CPNP. It also requires a GMP Certificate.

Who will find out if I’m not Compliant anyway?

The law is policed by Trading Standards so if you are selling anywhere in the UK and they pick on the goods finding them non compliant they can be seized.