Cosmetic Testing

Products all need to be safe to use and since in many cases the public might stick fingers into the product with the resulting ingress of bacteria or yeasts and moulds….so this means that the product will need to be preserved in some way.

To test this we will undertake a Microbiological Challenge Test…in short it’s a controlled experiment in a specialist lab where they throw bugs at it and check results over time …
In doing this they are checking if the preservative system chosen by your formulator is robust enough to ensure nothing that could be dangerous is allowed to grow

Cosmetic Stability and Compatibility Testing

These two tests and somewhat self explanatory …but there are timings involved

Stability is putting the product on test at 3 or more temperatures over a period of 90 days so it’s basically chilled, heated up and left at room temperature.

It should also be done in the container of choice ….this ensures that the product is neither too thick nor too thin to come out, doesn’t leak or fade or react in any way with the packaging material.

The product needs to hold together and not fall apart or degrade and its consistency needs to remain where it is to start with during this period

These tests are undertaken in house at our labs and should give the Toxicologist insight into their safety over the shelf life of the product (generally but not always 3 years)

If the products are already on sale in another country and have been for some time without issue this may count towards proof of Stability

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