Cosmetic Safety Assessments

What are Cosmetic Safety Assessments?

These are also known as the CPSR’s or Cosmetic Product Safety Reports

They are completed by our Toxicologist after all the information is first gathered so that they can assess the materials used and quite literally check that the amounts of inclusion are within guidelines for safety

Without one of these completed by a properly qualified person your product is not legally allowed to be sold or given away.

Our compliance team takes into account the full formulas and checks that all ingredients listed (INCI) are in the correct order, with correct spelling and with all required allergens calculated and listed.

They check that the material used for the container chosen is safe and will not react with the contents.

They ensure claims made in the copy are substantiated and wording is not deliberately misleading

To complete a Cosmetic Safety Assessment we need to have SDS or Safety Data Sheets and C of A’s (certificates of analysis) and specifications for each raw material used

We need to see the results of Microbiological Challenge Tests (if required), Stability and Compatibility results and the proposed art work and copy

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