Green Credentials

Allingham Beck Associates Ltd. was established in 2006 by Stephen Smalls and Hilary Cook focusing on Cosmetic Product Innovation, Brand Management and Development.

The concept was to bring together a group of likeminded people who all work independently from home linked by 21st century technology.

Our staff and our associates are spread all over the UK and Europe

Using communication technologies we can link all or some of our people as required for virtual face to face meetings thus saving travel costs, pollution and time. This also applies to our subcontractors and our customers. We can and do link and communicate globally.

As an illustration a recent meeting between Stephen, Hilary, one of our UK customers and a subcontractor would have involved 4 people driving a combined total of 400 miles and take in excess of 30 man hours. We achieved the same result using internet communication. It only took an hour and incurred zero travel time to achieve the same result.

This is particularly useful for our overseas customers and suppliers and forms the basis of our Green Credentials.

Sometimes there is no substitute for a physical face to face meeting ; indeed we like to meet and chat with all our associates on a regular basis. However we have reduced the need to commute and travel far less than a conventional cosmetic manufacturing business.

We specialise in green products with “natural” ingredients derived from sustainable sources and we have managed to extend this principal throughout our organisation.